How Will My Vehicle Repairs Be Handled After My Florida Car Accident?

Many of our Florida car accident clients ask this question when they first come to see us.  They are justifiably very concerned about how their vehicle repairs are going to handled after a Florida car accident, or who is going to pay if their vehicle is considered a total loss. The answers to these questions or concerns depend upon what kind of insurance coverage there is, and the facts and circumstances of the car crash, itself.   As long as the other driver (or really, his or her insurance company) accepts fault or responsibility for causing the crash, the other driver’s Property Damage coverage should pay for all repairs, or the total loss of the victim’s vehicle.  In addition, the at-fault insurance company — again under the Property Damage coverage of the negligent driver — will also pay for a rental vehicle while the damaged vehicle is being repaired, or until a replacement vehicle can be found (as long as this length of time is reasonable.  In Florida, every vehicle owner is required by law to carry Property Damage coverage (although the amount of coverage required by law is low, and often not enough to repair or replace a luxury vehicle or nice sports car.) However, there may be times when it is impractical to work with the other driver’s insurance company.  For example, the company may deny that its insured caused the crash, or may drag its feet in having an adjuster or appraiser look at the vehicle. This is where Collision coverage — which is an optional coverage in Florida — can become very handy.  Collision coverage pays...

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