Big corporations, and especially large insurance companies, spend a lot of time and effort trying to convince anyone that will listen that courts throughout the United States are being inundated with frivolous lawsuits. It seems like they are usually referring to personal injury lawsuits brought by private citizens seeking damages following some kind of accident like a car crash, slip and fall, or negligent security situation.

Surprisingly, big corporations and insurance company rarely publicize their own experiences filing lawsuits. A recent article published on the Insurance Journal website reveals a likely reason why.

It seems that AIG (American International Group), one of the largest corporations in America and the recipient of $182.5 billion (yes, that’s billion, with a “b”) of U.S. taxpayer money just so the company could stay in business, has sued the U.S. government claiming that the Treasury Department owes AIG interest on an overpayment of taxes by AIG back in 1991.

Interestingly, the majority shareholder in AIG is the U.S. Treasury Department (i.e. you and me.)

As a personal injury lawyer, and someone who I suppose AIG would say would be an expert on frivolous lawsuits, I cannot believe that the folks at AIG would have the gall to file such a lawsuit. They should be thanking their lucky stars that we bailed them out(and, in essence, kept their very hefty paychecks rolling in), not suing the hand that fed (and still feeds) them. If this lawsuit isn’t frivolous, I’m afraid I don’t know what is.

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