I was so saddened to read this story in the Orlando Sentinel about a 56-year old man who was killed while crossing Aloma Avenue on foot a few nights ago.  The impact occurred at the intersection of Carnation Drive and Aloma Avenue, just a few hundred feet away from where Kason Bailey — a 16-year old Winter Park High School student — was killed in October 2010 while crossing Aloma Avenue.

As I mentioned in previous blog posts, I am concerned about the safety of Aloma Avenue, east of State Road 436, as it runs from Winter Park, through Goldenrod, and into Oviedo.  Even though the area is a mix of commercial and residential properties, drivers tend to operate on Aloma at a fairly high rate of speed.  People who live in that area regularly talk about how scary it is to try to cross Aloma.

Government has installed a crosswalk a few hundred feet from where this 56-year old man was killed, but it is not controlled by any traffic device, so doesn’t get much use.  Perhaps local government or the Florida Department of Transportation should take a closer look at this area and see if the speed limit needs to be reduced, more traffic control needs to be instituted, better lighting needs to be installed, or whether local law enforcement needs to have a greater presence in order to slow traffic.

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