There are occasions where someone has gone to the doctor to have a procedure done, and they don’t always get the results they want. Sometimes they have to go to another doctor and have that doctor fix what the first doctor messed up. When this happens, and there are no long term effects, there are no medical malpractice lawsuits. Hearing this often infuriates people because they feel like they should be compensated for what they had to go through. 

The problem here is there are two things that must be proven in a medical negligence or medical malpractice lawsuit. One is the injured party must prove that the doctor deviated from the standard of care and caused them an injury. The second thing the injured party must prove is that their damages are related to that injury. 

Not only are medical malpractice cases very expensive and time consuming, the doctors have a pretty good track record of always winning. With that being said, for an attorney to take a medical malpractice case there must be a significant chance of them being able to settle the lawsuit before they are going to agree to represent an injured party. 

These cases become even more difficult to win when the injured party doesn’t have any long term effects or injuries that are going to impact them for the rest of their life. Therefore, these types of medical malpractice cases aren’t when the attorney assumes all the risks and costs of the case in hopes of getting a settlement. 

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