It is unusual that we ever get a real-life illustration of how our client’s accident happened, but it happened to us last week. We were out in east Orange County by the University of Central Florida signing up a new client. He described how he was heading east on Highway 50 (Colonial Drive) toward downtown Orlando, and approached the intersection of Hwy 50 and Rouse Road. He said a car in the oncoming left-turn lane attempted to turn left in front of him seemingly without ever seeing him. There was a big crash, ambulances, etc.

I was having a tough time visualizing the crash from his description, so I asked him to ride with my assistant, Terry McCamie, and me and show us the intersection. As I drove down Highway 50, I clearly saw the turn lanes. Multiple cars were backed up in both directions, most trying to get into the Super Walmart located at that intersection. As I came up to the intersection, the first car in the oncoming turn lane nudged out — apparently trying to see into my through lane and see if the way was clear to turn left. Unfortunately, the nudging out took the car almost half of my lane. I had to take evasive action just to avoid the same kind of accident that badly injured by new client a couple of weeks before!!

I’m not sure whether it is impatient drivers, a crowded intersection, or what, but for all Orlando drivers who are reading this please be careful at (or better off, avoid completely) the intersection of Rouse Road and Highway 50. Something is going on there that is seemingly making this intersection very dangerous.

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