Bob and I are pleased to announce an upgrade to our communications system at the Cullen & Hemphill law firm.  We came across a new technology that we have been testing out for the past several months.

Now You Can Text Us At 407-644-4444

Clients can now communicate with our firm by texting us at 407-644-4444.   Not only can they send short messages, but they can also send up photos, documents, and virtually any other data that can be housed on a cell phone.  We can also text our clients directly from our office computers via the same number.

The reason we decided to adopt this technology for the firm is that it works seamlessly with our client management software system.  Every text that we send or receive can be tagged or attached to a client's matter.  This makes it very simple for us to find and reference any and all texts that we've send or received for any given client or matter.

We have already received excellent feedback from the several clients we have tested this technology on.  We think this is going to be a gamechanger for us in terms of client communication.

As always, if you need to communicate with us and a short text message just isn't the best format, you can always email us or call us at 407-254-4901.

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