Oftentimes clients tell us a doctor they have been going to for years will not see them regarding their personal injury. These same clients have called numerous doctors in their area and as soon as they find out they were involved in a personal injury accident, the doctor refuses to see them. It can be very difficult and frustrating to find a doctor in your area that is willing to treat you after an injury and we aren’t completely sure why. 

My thoughts are, and these are only my thoughts, there are multiple potential reasons why doctors don’t want to treat accident victims. One reason could be because they don’t want to deal with automobile insurance. Doctors and their offices are familiar with filing medical claims and how the process works, but filing a medical claim under car insurance is a completely different process, with different rules and deadlines, and involves additional administrative work on the doctor’s part. 

Another potential reason could be medical records for an accident victim are more detailed and involved than medical records for a regular patient. Accident victims typically need more testing, evaluations, and recordkeeping than other patients. 

The third reason, and one that is probably more common, is accident cases turn into lawsuits which require doctors to take time out of their day from their regularly scheduled patients to attend depositions, court hearings, and possibly a trial. 

There could also be other reasons for doctors to not want to treat accident victim patients, but these are the common ones I know of after being in the legal field for over 25 years. If you know of any other potential reasons, please leave it in the comments below so we can share it with our clients. 

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