There is a new story about a driver distracted by her cell phone, with catastrophic consequences.  I have been blogging about this topic for some time now.  In this instance, paramedic Chad Lowery was working a motorcycle accident scene when a driver distracted by her cell phone plowed right into him.

Lowery suffered a serious neck injury.  His injury is such that he has to use a hard cervical collar, and has been ordered by his doctor not to lift anything as heavy as his 8-month old doctor.  Obviously, in a physical job like paramedic, Lowery will have a difficult time getting back to work.  The Lowery family is going to be living with the consequences of this careless driver’s actions for a long time — if not forever.

Fortunately, the Florida Legislature is addressing this troubling car accident trend.  There are reportedly 17 different bills before Florida lawmakers addressing cell phone use in cars, and most importantly, the more dangerous texting while driving.

In Florida, drivers are responsible for safely operating their vehicles, and can be held liable if the engage in careless or negligent activity behind the wheel.  Call Kim Cullen if you have any questions – 407-644-4444.

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