An Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a medical test doctor’s conduct to determine if someone has a soft tissue injury. Doctors will typically order MRI’s if they think a person has an injury to their joint or tendon. An MRI can also detect injuries to the disks in the spinal column. MRI’s are expensive, therefore, doctors don’t order them unless a person is complaining of pain for a long period of time or has numbness or tingling down their arms and legs. 

If an injury is discovered on an MRI that increases the value of a personal injury case. When the MRI results prove that an injury exists that will change the way the defense looks at that injury. When someone claims they are in pain but nothing shows up on the MRI then it is more difficult to prove the injury and prove that the injured party isn’t faking their symptoms. Insurance companies will often question whether the injury came from the accident or if it was a preexisting condition. They use this tactic to try to get out of paying the claim. However, in most cases an MRI finding typically increases the value of a personal injury claim. 

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