The Insurance Information Institute is reporting that dog bite claims have increased by 6.4% in the last year, and almost 30% over the last six years.

According to the Institute, the average dog bite claim settles for a little over $24,000.00.  Over half of human beings injured in dog bites are children, and of those children, the majority are boys between the ages of five and nine years old.  Most of the injuries to children are bites and scarring to the face and neck area.

Our experience handling Orlando dog bite cases is similar to the national experience.  Most of our dog bite clients have been children, and most of those children have been bitten in the face.  The most heartbreaking kind of case for us is seeing the perfect faces of little children torn up and scarred by a dog.

In Florida, owners of dogs are strictly liable for any damage caused by their dogs.  Dog owners in Florida are liable even if they do not have to have advance warning that their dog is violence or has any propensity to bite.

Furthermore, we seem to see the same kinds of dogs involved in Florida dog bite accidents.  Rottweillers, Pit Bulls, and Poodles seem to be the most prevalent.  Let us know what you think.

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