Don’t lose hope if you contacted an attorney about your personal injury case and they turned you down. Even if a few attorneys have turned you down it is possible that the right attorney for your case is out there. There are several reasons why an attorney would turn down a case. 

The first reason, and probably the most significant, is that many attorneys specialize not just in a specific type of law but also a specific type of injury law. Many attorneys only want car accident cases while other attorneys prefer to represent wrongful death cases. 

Another reason an attorney might turn down your case is if they feel it will be too difficult to get a settlement on. There are a number of attorneys that just want easy open and shut personal injury cases. They don’t want to have to put a lot of effort into a case so a case that might have a lot of leg work on need some investigating just doesn’t appeal to them. 

Attorneys will also turn down cases they feel they can’t win. When personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, and most of them do, they are more likely to turn down a case they feel they can’t win because it will only cost them time and money and they won’t get back in return if they don’t win. 

There are also some cases that some attorneys see potential in and other attorneys don’t. Therefore, if you’ve been turned down by one attorney, it doesn't mean that all attorneys will turn down your case. You just have to find the right attorney. 

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