Last weekend,  a 28-year old Winter Park woman caused an accident and factual scenario that might someday end up as a law school exam question.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the woman was driving her Honda CRV south on Orange Avenue in downtown Orlando, when she attempted to make a turn on to Church Street.  Somehow, she struck a concrete median which caused her vehicle to flip and strike a tree.  The vehicle struck the tree at such a high rate of speed, that it caused the tree to fall and violently hit a pedestrian on the head.

Orlando police arrived on the scene, and ultimately charged the Winter Park woman with driving under the influence of alcohol.  According to the Sentinel, the woman was later determined to have a blood alcohol level of .146 – almost two times the legal limit.

As a Winter Park personal injury law firm, we have represented many pedestrians who have been hit by cars – but I can’t remember ever representing someone who has been hit by a tree under these circumstances.  In this instance, many people might be surprised that the driver’s bodily injury liability automobile insurance coverage will cover the pedestrian’s injuries from the fallen tree.  In addition, the driver’s property damage insurance coverage will cover the cost of replacing the fallen tree.   Lastly, in the event that the pedestrian did not own a motor vehicle of her own, the drunk driver’s Personal Injury Protection coverage might be called upon to pay the majority of pedestrian’s initial medical expenses.

Let’s face it, automobile insurance is a stale subject for most people.  In addition, Florida auto insurance policies can be really confusing if you don’t read them every day.  Many consumers wind up with unpaid bills, and out-of-pocket losses because they simply don’t realize they are entitled to insurance benefits under different provisions of coverage.

We regularly answer insurance questions for free.  If you have any questions about Florida automobile insurance, call Winter Park car accident attorney Kim Michael Cullen at 407-644-4444.

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