As most readers of this blog know, I write a lot about the dangers of drunk driving.  As a Winter Park accident attorney, I have seen more of my fair share of lives destroyed by drivers who insist upon driving while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol.

However, I have rarely seen a situation more tragic than the one that I read about that happened last week here in Winter Park.  Apparently,  a 25-year old Orlando woman was following her 20-year old boyfriend home after a night of drinking at the Hideway Bar on Virginia Avenue in Orlando.  She was in her car, and her boyfriend was riding his motorcycle in front of her as they travelled northbound on Lakemont Avenue in front of Lakemont Elementary School.

Although investigators aren’t sure how it happened, the intoxicated woman somehow hit and ran over her boyfriend and his motorcycle, unfortunately killing him.  The woman was so intoxicated she drove at least two blocks after the impact without realizing that her boyfriend and his motorcycle were no longer in front of her.

It is my understanding that the driver has now been charged DUI manslaughter.

Obviously, our hearts go out to the young man who lost his life in this incident.  Hopefully, this tragedy will serve as a reminder to anybody who considers driving under the influence of alcohol.  If someone had called a taxi for these young people, they might have shrugged off a night of heavy drinking and might still be planning a life together.  Unfortunately, neither of them will ever get to enjoy such a life.

If you have any questions about drunk driving car accidents, or the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol, do not hesitate to call Winter Park car accident attorney Kim Cullen at 407-644-4444, or download a free copy of his book, Asleep At The Wheel:  13 Mistakes the Insurance Company Desperately Hope You Will Make After Your Florida Car Accident.

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