I have to admit that I was bothered when I recently became aware (via the Orlando Sentinel) of a local lawsuit filed in Seminole County Circuit Court against a Lake Mary Winn Dixie and a flower importer by a man who was pricked by a rose he purchased at Winn Dixie.

The lawsuit was filed by an Altamonte Springs lawyer named Paul Thompson.  According to the newspaper story, Mr. Thompson’s client is claiming that he developed some kind of infection as a result of the rose thorn prick, and that the flower importer should have smoothed the flower’s stem, and treated the flower or its soaking water in some kind of ant-bacterial solution.

First, I should say that I sympathize with Mr. Thompson’s client.  Regardless of how they happen serious infections are not to be taken lightly.  With the proliferation of resistant bacteria, infections — from whatever source — have to be taken seriously.  However, it is very difficult to pinpoint the source of bacteria or an infection.

As I have previously posted, questionable or frivolous lawsuits are a serious threat to our livelihoods as personal injury lawyers.  They also place our clients’ continuing access to courts in jeopardy.  When people hear or read about lawsuits that sound suspicious or incredible, their attitude about personal injury cases in general tends to become more jaded and skeptical.  They become less willing to believe that our court system should be used to settle disputes regarding legitimate injuries.

Nobody dislikes frivilous or questionable lawsuits more than experienced personal injury lawyers, and their truly injured clients.

Personally, and for the good of the profession and our injured clients, I hope there is more to story than was reported in the Sentinel.  I hope that Mr. Thompson has found some kind of credible and highly-respected expert who will prove that the Winn Dixie and the flower importer did something that was completely careless that led directly to this man’s infection.   Without some strong evidence like that, it is my personal opinion that Mr. Thompson’s case might be in trouble.

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