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  • How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Attorney for a Florida Personal Injury Case? Many personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means once the attorney offers to represent you they are assuming all of the upfront costs.
  • Beware Ignoring Medical Payment Liens at the end of a Florida Personal Injury Case! Medical Payments is a supplemental automobile insurance coverage. It pays medical bills that Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage doesn't pay. If your insurance company pays Medical Payments benefits it will generally expect to be reimbursed out of any personal injury settlement you acheive.
  • How A Pre-Existing Condition and Affect a Florida Personal Injury Case A pre-existing condition becomes an issue is when a plaintiff isn’t honest about it. It is always important to tell your doctors, your attorney, and opposing counsel the truth about pre-existing conditions.
  • Why At-Fault Drivers Won't Directly Pay Your Medical Bills Clients come to us after they’ve been involved in an accident and want to know why they are receiving medical bills for a car accident that they didn’t cause.
  • What are Intangible Damages? Intangible damages include pain and suffering. Pain and suffering can include a variety of things such as the inconvenience of the accident, disability or impairment, and any mental anguish caused by the accident and your injuries or loss of enjoyment of life.
  • What is a General Release? A general release is something that a defendant or an insurance company will want a plaintiff to sign when they receive a settlement.
  • Why Insurance Companies Won’t Pay What You Want? The problem here is the injured party must come up with a number using the facts of the case and/or what previous cases similar to theirs settled for. The insurance company and the defendant isn’t going to pay a settlement based on a number the injured party thinks is fair.
  • How Long Will My Case Last? There are many factors that can determine how long a personal injury case may last.
  • Passenger Rights After Crash Typically, when a passenger is involved in a car accident there is always someone’s insurance who can be held reliable for the passenger’s injuries.
  • Wage Loss, Tip Income When people don’t claim all of their income on their tax returns they are really hurting themselves. Not claiming all of your income on your taxes makes it very difficult to prove how much income you lost if you ever have to be out of work for an extended period of time due to an accident and/or injury.

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