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  • What is a General Release? A general release is something that a defendant or an insurance company will want a plaintiff to sign when they receive a settlement.
  • Why Insurance Companies Won’t Pay What You Want? The problem here is the injured party must come up with a number using the facts of the case and/or what previous cases similar to theirs settled for. The insurance company and the defendant isn’t going to pay a settlement based on a number the injured party thinks is fair.
  • How Long Will My Case Last? There are many factors that can determine how long a personal injury case may last.
  • Passenger Rights After Crash Typically, when a passenger is involved in a car accident there is always someone’s insurance who can be held reliable for the passenger’s injuries.
  • Wage Loss, Tip Income When people don’t claim all of their income on their tax returns they are really hurting themselves. Not claiming all of your income on your taxes makes it very difficult to prove how much income you lost if you ever have to be out of work for an extended period of time due to an accident and/or injury.
  • More Than One Person At Fault In that state of Florida, there is something called “pure comparative negligence” which involves the judge or jury looking at all the evidence of a case and deciding what percentage of blame each party holds.
  • Telling The Truth To Doctors When you aren’t honest with your doctors out of fear of jeopardizing your job or being kicked off a team sport, you are really just jeopardizing your job or your team even more.
  • Billboards Not Best Attorney Selection Tool Often when people see billboards ads they might think I’m going to call that attorney if I ever get injured; however, that is not the best way to select an attorney.
  • Not Surprising That Insurance Folks Criticize Personal Injury Lawyers Insurance companies would like to do away with personal injury lawyers so plaintiffs have no one to fight for them, and have to take whatever offer is given.
  • What is Claims Index? Insurance companies all over the country are using a claim index that dates back to the 1980s. Whenever an insurance company pays out a claim – small medical bills, property damage claims, damaged roof claims, or large personal injury settlements – they report that to this index and it is tracked.

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