Serious security questions exist after a nightclub shooting caused ten people to be injured, and two people to be tragically killed, at the Glitz Ultra Lounge nightclub in Orlando, this past weekend.

Orlando Sentinel reporter Elyssa Cherney (@ElyssaCherney) has written a couple of excellent pieces (here, and here) that really get to the heart of this security issue.

Apparently, three gunman got into the nightclub weapons and started shooting.  Based on social media posts, it appears that the shooting may have been gang-related.

According to the reporting, the Club employs a number of security personnel and/or bouncers.  On the night in question, there were apparently also three off-duty police officers working at Glitz.  Unfortunately, just having warm bodies around and calling them “security” is not enough.  Bar and nightclub owners are responsible for understanding the security challenges that their particular businesses face, and to have reasonable security under the circumstances.

In this instance, Glitz’s owners certainly knew that their establishment was a frequent stop for Orlando Police officers responding to fights and other criminal activity.  The owners had to have known about a shooting in the parking lot of Glitz just a few months ago.

Armed with this kind of knowledge, Club owners had to have known how important it was to make sure that guns were not allowed to come inside Glitz.  Whether this meant that security had to do a thorough pat-down of each guest, scanning each patron with the metal detector wand, or even employing airport-style metal detectors, these all seem reasonable if lives could be saved.

However, because these kinds of safety measures were not in place, Joseph Villalobos and Jonathan Rojas tragically paid for these security lapses with their lives.

Businesses such as bars and nightclubs have a duty to provide reasonable security for their guests.  When businesses don’t provide reasonable security, they can be held liable for personal injuries or wrongful death as a result of a negligent security claim or lawsuit.

If you have any questions regarding an attack or shooting at a Florida business, including at a bar or nightclub, call Winter Park personal injury and wrongful death attorneys Kim Cullen and Robert Hemphill at 407-644-4444.  There is never a charge to have all of your questions answered.

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