The local WFTV website recently carried a sad story about a tragic car crash that occurred at the intersection of Hiawassee Road and Balboa Drive in the Pine Hills area of Orlando.

According to local law enforcement, a Chevy Camaro being operated by an unknown driver ran a red light and crashed into a Toyota Camry that was heading north on Hiawassee Road. The impact was significant and caused both vehicles to spin through the intersection. The Camry impacted a brick wall. The passenger in the Camry, Thomas Smith, was tragically killed in the crash. When the vehicles came to rest, the driver of the Camaro fled on foot, and has not be apprehended as of this writing.

As an Orlando accident attorney who regularly handles significant auto accident cases, I know that crashes like this one are absolutely devastating to families. Not only has the Smith family now lost a loved one, but the driver of the vehicle that killed him apparently did not have the common decency to stick around and face responsibility for his actions.  To me, this makes everything worse.

In my experience dealing with cases like this, it is unlikely that there will bodily injury liability. After all, if a person is not responsible enough to stick around and face the consequences of an accident as bad as this one, what are the chances that he would carry good insurance coverage?

I really hope that Mr. Smith, or someone in his household, carried Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage. UM automobile insurance coverage steps into the shoes and acts just like the negligent driver’s liability coverage — if he had bothered to carry any. The Smith family, or Mr. Smith’s survivors would probably be well-served by talking to an experienced Florida personal injury lawyer who will know the correct questions to ask in order to determine if there will be insurance coverage for this tragic event.

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