Occasionally people will represent themselves in a personal injury lawsuit and this sometimes causes things to fall through the cracks. One example of that are medical liens from hospitals and health care companies. 

Liens can have a big impact on a personal injury case and are not something that should be ignored or forgotten about. Plaintiffs must remember any medical bills paid by any other insurance other than car insurance is entitled to be reimbursed if the plaintiff recovers any money at the end of a personal injury lawsuit. 

The best way to handle a lien is to put the lien holder on notice that you are pursuing a personal injury lawsuit and once the lawsuit settles you will make sure they are paid. This gives them the opportunity to protect their interests by either filing paperwork with the court or serving you with a letter telling you they are owed money at the end of the case. 

If you choose to ignore the liens there is always a chance that the lien holders will come looking for you months or even years later. Additionally, not including the cost of these liens into your settlement could cause you to settle your case for less than it is worth. 

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