Clients often want to know how much their pain and suffering case is worth. We always tell everyone the same thing - pain and suffering cases are subjective so there is no way to answer that question easily. 

There are some factors that we think insurance companies take into consideration when determining the value of pain and suffering. Insurance companies typically base that value on the evidence - the evidence of the pain and suffering. 

One key piece of evidence that we use is our client’s medical records. When you go to the doctor after a personal injury they always ask how you are feeling. When our clients continuously tell their doctors that they are in pain. Doctors always document claims of pain so we request those medical records for the purpose of proving pain and suffering. 

We also use our client’s testimony or deposition to prove pain and suffering; however, the best piece of evidence to prove pain and suffering are the testimonies of the people that know our client. These are people who knew the victim before their accident and injury and knew how they lived their life before they got hurt. Co-workers, neighbors, friends and family are the best witnesses to prove pain and suffering. These people can all testify to how they’ve seen the victim’s life change since their accident and that is the best way to prove pain and suffering in our experience. 

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