Clients always ask us how much their case is worth and we really can’t give them an answer. We can, however, tell him it will depend greatly on the insurance policy coverage and limits of the at-fault driver. 

Florida drivers are often underinsured or even uninsured and that causes serious problems for our clients that don’t have uninsured motorist coverage on their own insurance policy. 

Someone that has little to no coverage more than likely doesn’t have any money or assets to begin with; therefore, all too often we have to tell clients that we are unable to help them because there is no way to get money from someone who doesn’t have it. Even though the defendant was at fault, their insurance company isn’t going to pay any more than the defendant was paying for on their insurance policy. Then add in the fact that many drivers have no insurance at all and you get a case where there is simply no one to sue for financial restitution. 

This is why we strongly urge everyone we know to carry as much uninsured motorist insurance as they can afford. By doing this you are protecting you and your family from a financial downfall if any of you are ever injured by an irresponsible driver. Many people are frustrated when we tell them we can’t do anything for them and they want to know if they have any other options. I did recently shoot a video that explains what the options are for someone who was hit by someone with no insurance and/or no money. I’ll make sure to link that video below. 

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