We have the privilege of representing many accident victims who have suffered spinal injuries.  Many of those people are ultimately recommended by their treating orthopedic surgeons or neurosurgeons to undergo spinal injections.

Many clients wonder, "How might spinal injections affect the value of my personal injury case?"

In general, spinal injections generally result in a personal injury case having a greater value.  This is typically so for two reasons.  First, spinal injections are obviously invasive (compared to chiropractic, physical therapy, or just taking medications orally.)  Nobody wants to be in enough pain to undergo being stuck by a needle (generally more than once - since most spinal injections are done in series of three.)  Second, since spinal injections are considered to be somewhat complex, the bills associated with spinal injections are generally into the thousands of dollars.

Are all spinal injections looked at the same way by insurance companies?

There are many different types of spinal injections and they are used to address a host of different symptoms.  Injections that are made into the spine (i.e. epidural injections) are considered the riskiest, and are generally the most expensive.  On the other end of the spectrum are tripper point injections, which are generally injected into muscle.  These injections are typically less risky, and usually cost much less.  Nevertheless, even trigger point injections will increase the value of a personal injury case because insurance companies know that many people are afraid of needles and jurors are typically sympathetic to those who undergo injections as the result of a some kind of accident caused by the negligence of somebody else.

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