There are a number of personal injury cases that must go to trial because the parties can not come to a settlement agreement. When this happens and a jury renders a verdict, the case isn’t always over. 

Oftentimes one of the parties will request a new trial. They may feel the judge made a mistake or something was omitted from the trial that they feel shouldn’t have been, and it cost them to lose the case. These motions often get denied, but then there is always a possibility one of the parties will file an appeal. Appeals happen a lot when the defense is ordered to pay the plaintiff a large sum of money or when the plaintiff loses a case where they were suing for a large sum of money. 

Appeals are very expensive and time consuming. They add months and even a year or more to a possible settlement and drag out the case. An appellate mediation takes place when the jury has rendered a verdict and one of the parties files an appeal. Both parties are then required to go to an appellate mediation and see if they can come to an agreement. If no agreement is reached during the appellate mediation then the case goes to a higher court for review. Once that verdict is rendered from the higher court or if the parties come to an agreement before the appellate court decision is made, then the case is finally over. 

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