Although I am not aware of any specific research verifying this, after representing people injured in Florida car crashes over the last 21 years it seems to me that a significant majority of our cases arise out of rear-end accidents.  While distracted driving has become a major contributor to causing rear-end crashes, historically they occur because one driver is following too closely behind another.

Progressive Insurance has recently been involved in some interesting research regarding following distance.  According to the research, the most likely predictor of a future rear-end crash is a developed practice of “hard-braking” by a driver.  (I presume this to mean that the driver waits until the last minute to touch his brakes, and therefore must brake hard – instead of slow, gradual braking.)

In addition, Progressive’s research showed that the average time between a driver and the car in front of him/her is about four seconds.

According to Progressive, when the learned behavior of hard-braking and a four second following interval are combined, more rear-end accidents occur.

The solution seems simple:  unlearn hard-braking, and give more distance to the vehicle in front of you (Progressive’s researchers suggest more than four seconds.)

If you have been injured in a rear-end crash in Florida involving hard-braking, or someone following you too closely, or just have questions after any Florida car accidents, call Winter Park personal injury attorneys Kim Cullen and Robert Hemphill at 407-644-4444.

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