I recently read an interesting report issued by the State of Kansas Department of Transportation indicating that, in Kansas, almost 10 percent of drivers involved in fatal accidents (i.e. automobile accidents resulting in wrongful death) were driving without any form of drivers license.

The report talked about several ideas to try and force drivers to get (and keep) their drivers licenses from imposing higher fines to impounding the drivers’ vehicles.  However, the State of Kansas has not decided to do any of these things as they feel like the irresponsible drivers have no assets, and that such efforts would cost the state more than the effort would be worth.

Our experience as Florida accident attorneys is similar to that of the officials in Kansas.  We find that a decent number of drivers involved in cases that we handle do not have licenses, but that a much larger number elect not to carry any automobile insurance.

This is why we recommend to all of our clients to carry Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM) coverage.  This coverage — which you must buy from your own insurance company — protects you from injuries or damages caused by a driver who is irresponsible enough to either not carry a license or not carry insurance.

Feel free to call our office if we can answer any questions that you have about UM coverage.

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