Peter Frampton was injured in a car accident and started experiencing neck pain almost immediately. Because the other driver was at fault, and Frampton’s lost wages from concert dates could be a lot of money, the driver better hope she has adequate insurance coverage. However, because there are unfortunately a lot of drivers who do not carry insurance coverage, it is a good idea to also carry uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage.

Like many of you, I’m a big music fan, and particularly of the music of the late 70’s and early 80’s. One of my guitar heroes growing up was a guy named Peter Frampton. A lot of you may know his music. Anyway, I read an article today about Peter Frampton that had some connection with our personal injury practice. I thought I’d share it with you.

Apparently Mr. Frampton got involved in a motor vehicle accident in Los Angeles a day or two ago. He was sitting in traffic on 101, a very busy highway in Los Angeles and surprise surprise, it was stopped dead in traffic and Mr. Frampton was unfortunately hit and rear ended by a driver behind him. Apparently she had been texting while he was driving and just ran into the rear end of his car.

Mr. Frampton shared all this stuff on tweets, by the way, from the road side apparently. Within a few minutes he said he was experiencing neck and back pain which was really no surprise, we see it all the time. And tweets from later in the day indicated it kept getting worse and worse and worse. Unfortunate for Mr. Frampton and I certainly don’t wish it on anyone but there are a couple learning lessons that we can apply to any car accident case or any person that’s driving on the roads today.

The first thing that popped into my mind after hearing about this lady that hit Mr. Frampton was, “Man, I really hope that she had adequate insurance to cover herself.” In Florida, bodily injuries liabilty coverage is not required which is the coverage that protects you when you hit somebody. In her case, she hits a rock and roll musician whose job is to go around the world and play music for people. When you have a sore neck or sore back, that makes that job a lot more difficult. It wouldn’t surprise me that Mr. Frampton missed some time from work or missed a few concert dates. And all those dates mean money to him. He could make a claim back against the driver who hit him for those lost wages. An hourly type employee, maybe his losses aren’t great. But, with a person with earning potential like Mr. Frampton, that could be severe. It’s important for everyone to carry adequate bodily injury liability coverage to protect themselves.

On the flip side, I thought about Mr. Frampton. What if Mr. Frampton was hit by this lady and injured, and she had no insurance? Then it would be critically important for him and for you to have uninsured motorist coverage. Uninsured motorist insurance steps into the shoes of a person that injures you and acts just like their insurance. In her case, if she didn’t have adequate insurance or she didn’t have insurance at all, Mr. Frampton would then be protected. I assume he does have uninsured motorist coverage. I hope he does. At any rate, he has to make sure he has some .

And he has to make sure he has enough. What if she had injured him so severely that he could never play guitar again. Obviously that would have a major impact on his ability to earn wages, take care of his family or whatever his needs are. In that case, he would need a large amount of uninsured motorist insurance coverage which is purchased through his insurance coverage to protect him. Because you never know what might happen.

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