Letters of Protection are requested from doctors when they are treating personal injury victims. Letters of Protection are primarily for people who don’t have a lot, or any, insurance and won’t have the ability to pay doctor bills. 

Letters of Protection are basically us promising the doctor’s office that we won’t pay out our client’s settlement without the doctor being paid first. This guarantees that the doctor can treat an accident victim with no upfront costs but know there is a greater chance of them getting paid if a settlement is reached. The doctor will then promise not to send our clients medical bills to collection or take legal action against them for unpaid medical bills. 

While there are some lawyers that work for insurance companies who will say Letters of Protection can bias the doctor’s findings, we disagree. Doctors are educated and have taken an oath, to tell the truth, and give their honest opinion about a patient’s injuries. The doctors only request letters of protection to ensure they get paid for doing their job.  

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