One of the many things that stresses accident victims out is when they go to the mailbox and every day there are more and more medical bills. Often times people think these are all separate bills but actually they are bills from multiple providers at the same hospital. 

Hospital bills cover any machines, supplies, or medications that are used during your treatment. They also include the cost of admission and the nurses' time and care. The next bill will come from the emergency room doctor(s). These may all look like a hospital bill, but it is actually a separate bill from the doctor(s) that treated you in the emergency room. Those aren’t included on the original hospital bill. Another bill may come from the radiology department. This bill could include CT-scans, MRIs, or x-rays. You might even receive another bill that also looks like a hospital bill but is from a different doctor such as a surgeon. All of these different departments can and most likely will bill you separately but they may be from the same hospital visit. The bills are dependent on what kind of treatment you got while you were in the hospital. 

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