I read in the local media today that Orlando Health, which is our large public hospital here in Central Florida, is about to open a proton beam therapy center to help people fight cancer. I was super excited to hear about this news. I didn’t realize that we had a local proton beam center opening here. The only one that I was aware of was the UF Shands Proton Beam Center up in Jacksonville Florida. And so it’s really exciting to have this brand new, state of the art piece of technology here locally that can help people who are fighting some of the most difficult to treat cancers. I’m really excited about that.

One thing that I did want to talk about as a lawyer who handles insurance with — disputes with insurance companies is that the patients at the local Orlando Health Proton Beam Therapy Unit need to be prepared to fight because a lot of insurance companies don’t want to pay for proton beam therapy. As I said earlier, it’s very expensive. It does — the treatment is remarkable in terms of its efficacy about its ability to treat cancers that are very, very difficult to treat otherwise, but it’s very expensive. So a lot of insurance companies don’t want to pay for it. We have recently been involved in at least three cases where we’ve been able to fight for our client and you have some success, not a great success but some success, getting insurance companies to pay for proton beam therapy that they otherwise didn’t want to pay for in the beginning.

So, Congratulations to Orlando Health for opening this new center. I hope that ultimately it treats thousands and thousands of people and people get the healing that they need so they can continue to live their lives and be with their families.

But if you have any questions about proton beam therapy in terms of its legal aspects and insurance in particular, please call me or my law partner Robert Hemphill at (407) 254-4901.

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