We have recently accepted two new clients who have been injured by foreign objects in food.  One client was eating a burger at McDonalds and bit into a very s harp piece of bone causing his tooth to break and requiring dental work.  The other client was eating a salad at Crispers Restaurant (owned by Publix) when he bit into a large piece of glass, causing him to require a visit to the emergency room for a deep cut in his mouth.  Both clients immediately reported the incidents, and both clients were fortunate enough not to have swallowed these dangerous shards, and were able to save enough of the foreign objects to show them to McDonald’s and Publix, respectively.

The attitudes demonstrated by the claims representatives for these two companies has been basically that our two clients need to just “get over it”.  Neither McDonalds nor Crispers seems to want to take any responsibility for the fitness or wholesomeness of the food that the companies are selling.  They seem to want to blame our clients or anyone else for the dangerous food they have served.  This amounts to nothing more than adding insult to injury.  Neither of our client asked to have their mouths torn up when they sat down to each their lunches.

Unfortunately for these companies, the law in Florida is that restaurants are responsible for taking all reasonable steps to serve wholesome food to customers.  This includes making sure that sharp pieces of bone and shards of glass are removed from food.

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