The Orlando Sentinel reported today that two electricians were seriously injured at the Orlando Land Rover dealership over in Maitland.

According to the article, a team of electricians was at the dealership preparing a proposal for some work on the dealerships electrical system. The electricians encountered a power box that they did not know had been energized. They did not realize that a live wire had not been handled properly, and was electrifying the entire box. Apparently, there was a small explosion when the men touched the box, the two men became electrocuted, were injured, and taken to Florida Hospital.

Although I do not know the extent of the injuries to these two unfortunate men, as an Orlando accident attorney who has handled several electrocution injury cases, I know that these men — and their families — face some challenges.

Electrocution injuries often present obvious physical injuries such as burns and orthopedic injuries. There is often also neurologic or nerve damage — both in terms of sensation and motor function. Additionally, there is often electrical disruption in the victim’s brain that can cause several symptoms of brain injury such as changes in personality, mood problems, and other symptoms.

Although the electricians in this instance are probably covered by Workers’ Compensation, the multitude of problems caused by electrocution injuries sometimes creates skepticism on the part of Workers’ Compensation carriers. Many times it is a good idea for the injured worker to involve a qualified Workers’ Compensation lawyer early.
Additionally, the men injured in this case may have personal injury claims against the dealership or whoever is determined to have left the power box electrified, or whoever failed to warn these electricians about the danger.  For the same reasons mentioned before, these men may want to consult with an experienced Florida injury lawyer due to the unique challenges presented by electrocution injuries.

If you have any questions regarding a Florida electrocution accident, please call Winter Park personal injury attorneys Kim Cullen or Bob Hemphill at 407-644-4444.

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