People often ask us if they are required to call the police after a car accident. In most cases you are not required to call the police. You are required to call the police if someone is significantly injured or killed. 

Being attorneys, however, we always recommend that the police are called to every accident scene. There are several reasons why we, with our experiences, recommend the police be called. For instance, if the police come then an accident report should be filled out. An accident report is important because it is essentially proof that the accident occurred. 

Another reason we suggest always calling the police is because they will do an investigation of what and who caused the accident. They will talk to witnesses and all parties involved and will most likely determine fault to some degree. The officer may not write a ticket to someone but they will typically mention their professional opinion regarding fault in the accident report. This information can sometimes be very helpful during a legal case. 

Police officers also typically make notes of any debris or evidence at the scene of the accident. These important facts can sometimes be missed or forgotten by the people involved or by eye witnesses but can also be helpful later on during a legal case. 

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