After handling personal injury cases for 17 years, I am still impressed by the efforts that insurance companies sometimes go to to avoid paying claims.  I recently came across this YouTube video that, in my opinion, may demonstrate the latest innovation by the insurance industry.

The video appears to be an amateur post of “Fails” by a hip, twenty-something.  He talks briefly about a claim for damages seemingly made against a good samaritan who saved somebody else’s life.  The twenty-something makes some negative remarks about the nerve of a person to make such a claim, but in my opinion his story is short on facts to explain why the claim was made or basis of the personal injury claim.  No names were provided, nor any case information cited.

In my opinion, this could be a clever piece of propaganda.  It would not surprise me if it was produced directly by State Farm.  The young man in the video carefully thanks State Farm for supporting him, and State Farm’s logo is flashed twice during the video.  When I watched the video, the typed remarks after the video on YouTube featured a link that appeared to direct users to an insurance agent website.  To me, this looks like it could be an effort by State Farm to begin indoctrinating the new media generation into being suspect and skeptical of personal injury claims.   In my experience, when corporations or politicians try to discourage personal injury claims, they usually find the most outrageous, anti-Plaintiff story they can, and begin treating the story like it is a commonplace occurrence.

Orlando personal injury victims need to be aware that insurance companies are constantly looking for ways to avoid being responsible for claims and damages.  This type of internet-based video could mean that they are taking their efforts to the next level.  This would be bad news for consumers, in my opinion.

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