There have been several occasions where our clients aren’t honest with their doctors. When a client isn’t honest with their doctor it can cause injuries not to heal properly and also hurt your personal injury case. 

We have a client that was afraid to tell her softball coach that she has had been in an auto accident and hurt her knee. The team doctors were treating her knee as if it was a game injury but it wasn’t. They referred her to an orthopedic surgeon and that surgeon recommended surgery because everything the team doctors tried didn’t work. However, the team doctors didn’t do the necessary treatments because they didn’t know about the car accident. Our client didn’t tell her coach or her team doctors about the accident because she was afraid they would take her off the team or limit her playtime. 

When you aren’t honest with your doctors out of fear of jeopardizing your job, or being kicked off a team sport, you are really just jeopardizing your job or your team even more. You have to be honest with your team, boss, attorney, and your doctors in order to get the proper treatment to improve your injury. Not only does lying hurt the treatment of your injury it can also hurt the outcome of your case. Since our client wasn’t honest about her car accident there was no mention of it in any of her medical records. Luckily, we were able to get our client a settlement, but probably not as much as we could have gotten her if we had more medical documentation that her injury was caused by the accident. 

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