Things can be very hectic at the scene of an accident. We have people ask us all the time what they should have done at the scene of the accident. If nobody is seriously injured and the accident scene is managed then there are a few things we recommend you do before anyone leaves the scene. 

The first thing you want to do is get pictures of each other's driver's license. This way you can both prove who was driving the other vehicle at the time of the accident. You should also take pictures of each other’s insurance cards. Having a picture of the other driver’s insurance card will make filing a claim easier. The third thing you want to take a picture of is the license plate of the other car. You may even ask the driver if they own the car. Sometimes people borrow cars from other people so you want to make sure they own the car they were driving. The last thing you may want to do is take pictures of the crash scene. Pictures of the crash scene are always helpful so taking pictures of the damage to each vehicle, where the vehicles were positioned on the roadway and any debris that is on the roadway after the crash can often help you later. 

Oftentimes we also recommend people call the police to control the exchange of information and conduct an investigation. The police will then issue a citation if they think it is necessary. Even though a police report isn’t admissible in a car accident case or a personal injury case, it could still have an impact on the insurance adjuster. If you didn’t call the police at the time of your accident it is not a big deal, it is just something we recommend people do. 

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