One thing we can’t stress enough to injury victims is the importance of being honest with your attorney. If your attorney asks you a question, even if you think the answer will hurt your case, you must always answer honestly. The last thing we need is to have opposing counsel prove that you were lying about something. It damages your case and makes it very difficult to get a settlement. 

Insurance companies all over the country are using a claim index that dates back to the 1980s. Whenever an insurance company pays out a claim – small medical bills, property damage claims, damaged roof claims, or large personal injury settlements – they report that to this index and it is tracked. 

When an insurance company receives a claim, they look in the claims index to see if and when the plaintiff has filed other claims. They want to see if you are one who frequently files insurance claims, if you’ve ever been in an accident, and/or if you have ever reported any injuries on a previous claim. What they really want to do is see if they can catch you lying. If they ask you if you have ever been in a previous accident and you say no, but they know you have because they found it in the claims index, then they have caught you in a lie. 

This is why we always ask our clients to be honest with us. Even if your attorney doesn’t come right out and ask you, if you know you had prior claims or prior injuries you should tell your attorney. Always be honest with your attorney about the facts and circumstances of your current case too. The only way your attorney can help you is if you’re honest with them. If you are up front with them then they can prepare for that. Attorneys know how to make certain circumstances or situations work for their clients instead of against their clients, but only if they know the information up front. 

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