The last thing on anyone’s mind when they get injured is filing a lawsuit against the responsible party. If someone slips or trips and falls and gets injured their primary focus is treating their injuries, and that is how it should be. However, making sure you don’t miss the statute of limitations on filing a personal injury lawsuit can also be critical. You have a small window of opportunity to file a lawsuit to get your medical expenses paid for and to receive financial compensation for your pain and suffering. 

The standard statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit for a slip or trip and fall case is four years. Now if that slip or trip and fall case caused severe injuries and the victim died from their injuries then it would become a wrongful death lawsuit and the statute of limitations for wrongful death lawsuits are two years. 

While you have 2-4 years to file the lawsuit, as personal injury attorneys, we want to advise you not to wait until the last minute to file the lawsuit or contact an attorney. As a matter of legal fact, we think you should contact an attorney to file the lawsuit as soon as you are healthy enough to proceed. The reason for this is because most of these slip or trip and fall cases involve a dangerous condition and those conditions don’t last long. The responsible party is usually pretty quick to repair whatever caused someone’s injury right after it happens. With that being said, we don’t want a lot of time to lapse after the injury because that makes proving the case much more difficult. 

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