Many of our clients are involved in car accidents that require them to seek medical attention and legal counsel. When our clients are involved in an accident in a work vehicle we always advise them of a few extra steps they must take to make sure they are taken care of medically and financially. 

The first thing you should do if you’re involved in an accident in a work vehicle is contact law enforcement because you will need a police report. The second thing you must do is notify your employer that you were involved in an accident. A worker’s compensation claim will be opened for you and they are very particular about when you reported the accident. Next you will want to seek medical treatment. Worker’s compensation will have a right to say where you can go and how often you can go for treatment. Just make sure you follow up with your doctor and go to your appointments. You will also need to report your accident to your insurance company. You may be entitled to additional benefits beyond worker’s compensation depending on the type of personal car insurance you have. When you hire an attorney, the attorney will want to put the at-fault driver on notice that you may be filing a lawsuit. If you are successful in your personal injury lawsuit then you may have to repay the worker’s compensation coverage they allotted for you. You must remember that you are responsible for pursuing a claim against the at-fault driver. Your employer or worker’s compensation will not pursue the claim for you. 

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