When our clients are involved in a car accident they often get the news from the opposing sides insurance company that their car is a total loss. The reason for this is because the damage to the car will cost more than the total value of the car so the insurance company doesn’t want to spend that money.

Many clients are frustrated because they don’t want to get into another car payment; however, there isn’t much you can do to change the insurance company’s mind. The only option you might have is to tell the adjuster about all the upgrades you’ve done to the car or money you’ve put in it. For example, if you upgraded the stereo system or put new tires on the vehicle. This tactic might help the car appraise for more than it typically would have. Some clients have even had their own adjuster or an auto repair person look at their car and determine if they would recommend the same repairs at the same cost as the adjustor.

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