Just because an insurance adjuster immediately denied your liability claim doesn’t mean it is over. There are a few things that you or your attorney can do to continue discussions with the adjuster. 

Oftentimes, even claims that we file for our clients get denied at first glance. When this happens we know the first thing we have to do is find out why the claim was denied. Sometimes the adjuster just didn’t understand the claim or the defendant lied to their insurance company. When defendant’s lie to their insurance company then we have to come up with physical evidence to prove our case. Sometimes the physical evidence is pictures, videos or witness testimonies. Once insurance adjusters see the physical evidence they often change their minds and are willing to settle the claim. 

If the physical evidence doesn’t change the adjuster’s mind or there just isn’t any or enough physical evidence available to prove our claim then we call in expert witnesses. If our client was injured in a car accident then we might call in an engineer to reconstruct the accident to prove to the insurance adjuster that our client is telling the truth. Engineer’s can reconstruct an accident by looking at any physical evidence and even measuring the amount of damage to each vehicle. If our client is involved in a slip and fall accident then we might hire a human factor’s expert to come and talk about how the layout of the store was confusing, the hazard was unknown to the general public and was therefore unavoidable and the store should have known someone was going to get hurt. 

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