I just couldn’t resist commenting after I saw excerpts from Justin’s Bieber’s recent videotaped deposition. Apparently, one of Mr. Bieber’s bodyguards has been accused of battering a paparazzi photographer. Joe Patrice of the Above the Law blog deserves credit for the find.

As you may recall from previous posts on this blog, a deposition is a critically important event in any litigated case.  It is a setting where one party requires the other party to give sworn testimony that can be used for various purposes during the case.

Most importantly, this sworn testimony can be used to impeach the person giving it, if proof is later developed that the deponent was lying or inaccurate in his or her testimony.  A deposition is also often utilized to “size up” the party on the other side, in an effort to determine what kind of impression the deponent might make to a jury if the case makes it to trial.

Although I am not sure, I would guess that someone (maybe Mr. Bieber, himself) is being sued for injuries and damages allegedly suffered by the photographer.  For purposes of this post, it really doesn’t matter.  Mr. Bieber doesn’t make much effort to make a good impression here.  Nor does he leave any impression that he intends to tell the truth under oath. 

If I was Mr. Bieber’s lawyer, I would be concerned about the image my client is portraying.  This kind of behavior might be impressive or endearing to teenage girls, but I would bet it wouldn’t play favorably to a jury here in Central Florida.

I think if I was advising Mr. Bieber here, I would have given him the same advice I give every client: listen to each question carefully, treat everyone in the room with courtesy and respect, and to answer each question as honestly and accurately as possible.

I guess they do things differently out in Hollywood.

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