Selecting a treating doctor could be as crucial as selecting your attorney. Treating doctors play a big role in a personal injury case so you want to make sure you choose wisely. Not only are they important to assist our clients in getting better and helping them recover so they can get back to their normal life again, they will also play a key role in the legal process. 

From a legal perspective, the treating doctor will be important because they will be evaluating and documenting our client’s injuries. A client’s medical chart will be crucial in the case since the opposing side rarely gets to speak to the treating doctor. Cases are typically settled based on the medical records so a client must be sure they have a doctor that is documenting everything in the medical chart. It is crucial for the doctor to make sure he is documenting the client’s complaints and notating anything he’s done to try and help the patient. 

Another crucial legal aspect doctor’s play a key role in are writing final reports. The final report is where the doctor states whether the accident caused the client’s injuries, the extent of the injuries, whether the injury is permanent, and if the client will need surgery or ongoing treatment or care. 

After considering the important roles a treating doctor will play in a client’s recovery and legal process, you can see why selecting a treating doctor is so important.
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