Another young life was needlessly lost in a shooting in downtown Orlando on Friday night, and unfortunately the victim’s family may never see justice done.

According to a report on, 18-year old Dino Cannon was shot and killed in the alley behind the Club Limelite nightclub in downtown Orlando.  Apparently, Mr. Cannon had been in an altercation inside the nightclub a short time before he was shot.  The person who Mr. Cannon had scrapped with had been kicked out of the Club, but apparently waited for Mr. Cannon in an alley behind the Club until Mr. Cannon came out at closing time.  Mr. Cannon was subsequently shot and killed.

While the loss of a child is always catastrophic, news reports suggest that Dino Cannon had a bright future.  He was a multiple sports star in his home state of Texas, who was headed to college in the Fall.  Our hearts and prayers certainly go out to the Cannon family.

As an Orlando negligent security attorney, situations like this one are extremely distressing.  According to media reports, Club Limelite has been the site of over 141 law enforcement calls over the past two years.  There is obviously some kind of security problem associated with this business.

In Florida, businesses can be held liable if they know or should know of circumstances that make their premises unreasonably dangerous for visitors.  Presumably, this would include situations like this one, where a violent person is allowed to wait around outside a Club so that he can shoot a bar patron.  Nevertheless, Club Limelite will probably take the position that it had no idea something like this would happen.

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