Clients are often concerned about the possibility of their case having to go to trial. Oftentimes cases not only don’t need to go to trial but also don’t even require a lawsuit. We can typically get our clients a settlement offer without having to even file a lawsuit against the defendant. There is only a small percentage of cases where a lawsuit is filed and a trial is necessary. 

No one can tell you whether your case will require a trial but any good personal injury attorney will prepare your case as if it is going to trial because that is how cases get resolved. While there is no way to know for sure if your case has to go to trial there are a couple of things that we know could require a trial - 1) you have unusual facts surrounding your case or 2) you are expecting a large settlement amount. 

Insurance companies have a hard time settling cases that they aren’t familiar with so if you have an unusual case then the insurance company may not know how to settle that and a trial may become necessary. A trial could also become necessary if you are expecting a large settlement amount because insurance companies don’t want to cut a large check unless they are forced to. 

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