When you allow someone else to drive a vehicle that has your name on the title, you are opening yourself up to a potential lawsuit. If someone causes an accident in a vehicle that has your name on the title you could be held responsible.

Florida is a “Dangerous Instrumentality State.” What this means is whoever is the owner of a dangerous instrument is held accountable for any damages that “instrument” may cause no matter who was using the instrument at the time of the accident.

In order to protect yourself from instances like your teenager driving your car and causing an accident, you want to make sure you have plenty of insurance coverage. Additionally you should also consider titling the vehicle in the person’s name that is going to primarily be driving it. This will keep you from being held responsible if someone driving the vehicle causes an accident. Some people don’t like doing this because if you title the vehicle in someone else’s name that gives them the power to sell it, but that is a sure way to prevent yourself from ever being held responsible for an accident that you didn’t cause.

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