Researchers have recently determined that the prescription drug, Zantac, is linked to various cancers - mostly occurring in the abdomen.

Zantac (the generic version is known as Ranitidine) has been prescribed for years for the treatment of heartburn.  Researchers have determined that Zantac contains a carcinogen known as NDMA.  NDMA is known to cause cancer in lab animals as well as humans.

Law firms around the country are filing products liability lawsuits against the manufacturer of Zantac claiming that Zantac is a defective and dangerous product because of its cancer-causing properties.

Zantac Has Been Linked To Several Cancer Diagnoses

Zantac is believed to be connected with the following cancers:

●      Esophageal cancer

●      Stomach cancer

●      Bladder cancer

●      Kidney cancer

●      Pancreatic cancer

●      Colon cancer

●      Liver cancer

●      Intestinal Cancer

●      Colorectal Cancer

●      Breast Cancer

●      Ovarian Cancer

●      Testicular Cancer

●      Prostate cancer (If under 65 years old at time of diagnosis).

How To Seek Compensation

Our firm has successfully recovered millions of dollars in compensation for people who have been injured by dangerous and unsafe products.

If you took Zantac and have been diagnosed with any of the cancers listed above, please call us immediately for a free consultation.  You may have important time-sensitive legal rights that need to be protected.


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Cindy Stiff 06/02/2020 01:19 PM
I used Zantac for years and had breast cancer two years ago.
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