Medical Payments coverage is an add-on automobile insurance coverage that a lot of people elect not to carry.

Many people should re-think this.

In Florida, Medical Payments coverage initially acts as a supplement to the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage required under Florida law. Medical Payments pays 20% of the medical bills after a crash that PIP is not required to pay. Once PIP is exhausted in a case, Medical Payments coverage pays 100% of the remaining bills until such time as the Medical Payments coverage limits are exhausted.

Medical Payments is a great value for someone who does not have access to medical Insurance elsewhere.

The only potential downside of Medical Payments coverage is that whatever benefits are paid must be reimbursed if the injured person makes a bodily injury recovery from the at-fault party. One of the services that our firm provides is to negotiate any Medical Payments reimbursement that becomes necessary.

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