Outside of special damages, an insurance company will always look at the facts of the accident, and try to determine whether the injured person will have an easy or difficult time proving that someone else’s negligence cause their injury.  An insurance company’s evaluation will also always take into account whether the injured person had pre-existing injuries or medical conditions, or a propensity to become involved in accidents or make injury claims.

An insurance company will also base its evaluation somewhat on the plaintiff’s general, overall presentation.  Has the plaintiff ever been in trouble, or convicted of a crime, or spent time in jail or prison?  Is the plaintiff an upstanding member of the community, or someone on the fringes of society?  Is the plaintiff an active, athletic person, or a homebody, and will the plaintiff’s injuries seriously impact the plaintiff’s lifestyle.

As you can see, there area a lot of factors that go into evaluating a personal injury case.  The examples above are just that, examples.  There are plenty of others, and every company will have a different technique.  Some insurance companies now use computers to analyze data, compare similar cases across certain geographic areas, and to suggest case values.

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