As a purely legal matter, a person does not have to live in Florida — or even in the United States — in order to bring a personal injury claim in Orlando, Orange County, Florida. Unfortunately, many people are injured while on vacation at Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, and the other resorts and hotels in Central Florida.  Sometimes they are injured on one of these premises, but more often visitors are involved in car crashes on Central Florida’s busy roadways.

We have been fortunate enough to represent clients from England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and other nations around the world.
If the injury claim can be resolved before a lawsuit has to be filed, there is likely no need for the injured vacationer to return to the Orlando area. Telephone and computer communication really is all that is required to bring a claim to a satisfactory resolution.

Unfortunately, it is often difficult to resolve claims involving foreigners for a couple of more practical reasons. Defendants in these cases realize that it is often incredibly inconvenient (and costly) for an injured visitors to return to Orlando to pursue a lawsuit. Defendants also realize that the Florida rules of court require anyone who files a lawsuit to return to Florida for at least three (3) events during the span of a lawsuit.

Many defendants believe that if they can force injured out-of-staters to file lawsuits, they will have additional leverage to settle cases for less money. Obviously, this makes resolving cases involving vacationers and people on holiday much more difficult.  However, if the person’s injury is significant, it is often worth the expense and inconvenience of returning to Orlando.

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