The Statute of Limitations is the last date that you can bring a legal claim before your right to do so becomes forever barred.  Statutes of Limitation are different from state to state, and are different for different kinds of legal problems.  For example, the Statute of Limitations that applies to most Florida injury claims is four (4) years from the date of the injury.  Meanwhile, the Statute of Limitations on breach of contract (Including insurance disputes) is five (5) years from the breach.

It is vitally important for Florida consumers to realize that there are special circumstances and exceptions to certain kinds of claims that can lengthen or ACCELERATE the Statute of Limitations on certain claims.  Therefore, if a Florida consumer has any question or doubt about a Statute of Limitation, he or she should contact an experienced Florida lawyer and start asking questions.

Meanwhile, notice of injury claims can be presented to defendants or their insurance companies at any time after the event, until the date that the Statute of Limitations runs.  In fact, it is good idea to place a defendant on notice soon after a claim so that important evidence can be preserved, or an initial investigation undertaken. However, an injury claim may not be ripe for resolution until the injured person’s medical condition has sufficiently stabilized such that a doctor can accurately predict any future medical care needs.

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